Power Panel

The special part of PT.YUNSUNG Electrical mechanical, product is designed and manufactured according to IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and ANSI(American National Standards Institute) standards from low voltage to high voltage.


Conveyor systems can be manufactured in various ways to meet the needs of each factory, such as spray booth conveyor, dry conveyor, cargo conveyor.

Especially, in the production of various conveyors, which are essential for manpower and labor cost reduction, PT. YUNSUNG provides more convenient and perfect conveyor system.


The lift consists mainly of cargo lifts. Fast and safe transportation of goods from low to high weight. It is commonly used for container loading, warehouse loading, machine transportation, and various product transportation, which requires reduction of manpower and labor costs.


Hydraulic sublimation press can be used in various industries such as printing factory and sewing company.

Mixer Machine

A mixer is a facility that mixes extruded and raw materials in an injection machine at an exact ratio. This is an essential machine for all product manufacturing plants with extrusion and injection.


The scrubber produced by PT.YUNSUNG is used to absorb and separate contaminants such as dust, powder, and odor. At the same time, it can play a role of clearing the environment inside the factory that produces various machines. 

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